The Louis Bonaparte Society provides an open network for graduate students and PhD candidates
at Utrecht University with the goal to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion.

We gather over dinner and drinks in an atmosphere of friendship,
in order to learn from each other and to share ideas.

In short, our aim is to continue the noble quest for truth
– and to do it in the most pleasant of circumstances.


    Our Society


      What is our Philosophy?

      Lobos started with a very basic assumption: that we can reach greater heights by standing on each others' shoulders. We believe that the greatest ideas come up when people toghether combine their knowledge and insights. But just as standing on someone else's shoulders requires trust and familiarity, so does sharing your insights. Lobos wants to tackle this problem by forming a society based on low-threshold interaction and friendship. For this, we draw inspiration from history: from the ancient Greek town of Miletus where philosophy was born, to Vienna where the 'Wiener Kreis' had a great defined effect on modern science.
      As a society we gather over dinner and drinks in an atmosphere of friendship, in order to learn from each other and share ideas. We provide research master students at Utrecht University with the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary discussions, and bridge the gap between the various graduate schools. Our aim is to continue the noble quest for truth – and do it in the most pleasant of circumstances.

      Academiegebouw Utrecht

      What is our Goal?

      Lobos consists of two pillars; The first revolves around building an Academic Network: four times a year, young researchers are brought together to socialize and meet other scholars. The second pillar is the formation of Circles: small groups of students who approach a common theme from different angles. Circles meet every four weeks at the residence of one of the members, with the host or hostess of the evening providing dinner, drinks and a topic to discuss. This can be either a paper, a particular research topic or an idea related to the theme.

      For example a theme such as 'determinism, free will and responsibility' will have a theoretical physicist, a neurologist, a psychologist, a philosopher, or a lawyer all bring (quite literally) something different to the table in a discussion.

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      Who was Louis Bonaparte?

      Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (1778-1846), nicknamed 'Lodewijk de Goede', was King of Holland and lived in Utrecht, first at Achter Sint Pieter and later at Drift. He contributed substantially to Dutch culture and science. Not only did he introduce the first Criminal and Civil Code, he also founded the predecessors of the National Library, the Rijksmuseum, and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). He is most famous, however, for a mistake he once made when trying to speak Dutch. As he stood in front of a large crowd, he said: "Iek ben konijn van 'Olland" (I am the rabbit of 'Olland).


        "The interdisciplinary character of the Louis Bonaparte Society enables students to approach and discuss important contemporary topics from different viewpoints. The establishment of this society fits perfectly in our University's objective to encourage the formation of communities."

        "A platform for discussions on scientific and philosophical topics, but also a network for future academics. The Louis Bonaparte Society is the first initiative in Utrecht that focusses exclusively on research master students. Elitist? Not really. Intellectual? Pretty much."

        "The Louis Bonaparte Society provides me with an opportunity to gain deeper insight into science and the quest for knowledge, by broadening my horizon to other areas of research than my own. To do so over dinner and wine is a perfect example of, as we Dutch say, combining the useful and the pleasurable."

        "The Louis Bonaparte Society was founded in the belief that the next Darwin, Einstein or Nietzsche might live just around the corner, and that it would be great to get in touch. The concept, by which talented young scientists share ideas and insights of their own in an atmosphere of friendship, might work even better than expected. It may turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy."

        "The Louis Bonaparte Society is an academic network founded by students for students. The accessible and equal character of our society provides an atmosphere of kinship which at the same time challenges you to participate in in-depth discussions with motivated fellow students. Gather around each other’s tables and think about topics beyond my own discipline has contributed in many ways to my field of research."

        "I was really inspired by the group of young people and the idea behind the Louis Bonaparte Society. The dynamics of the discussions, the vitality of various topics, and of course the interdisciplinary contrast of viewpoints that makes Lobos so unique."

        "As a curious individual, I am very happy that the Louis Bonaparte Society brought me into contact with many inspiring people who challenge me intellectually and broaden my horizon."

        "I really enjoy the interdisciplinary aspect that enables me to discuss findings from my own research area with people from other sciences, helping me gain new perspectives and insights."