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Eight circles met up in December, spread throughout Utrecht. Is there anything cozier than sitting in a group of interesting people, eating tasty food and discussing ideas? Louis is pretty sure there’s not. On Monday, we discussed topics ranging from uncertainty and weighing the benefits of living in the now versus planning for the future, to initiating social change, to the manner in which the media conveys scientific topics to the public. Tuesday’s fellows discussed interdisciplinarity, the responsibility of science to the public and the exotic-sounding “implementation gap.”

As always, the meetings culminated in a round of rousing discussion over drinks, along with one final question — who ended up with the backside of the giraffe? Thanks again to all the wonderful hosts and topic providers — your hard work is what drives Lobos.

Monday night crew at Lebowski .

  • December Circle I - How to Deal with Uncertainty

    Host: Martine van Winckel, topic by Reuben van Bemmel-Misrachi
    Fellows present: Miklos Nováky, Arnold Kochari, Danielle McCool, Janneke Koers, Martine van Winckel, Reuben van Bemmel-Misrachi, Sanne Bleeker, Xuewen Liu

  • December Circle II - Ways to Initiate (Social) Change

    Host: Niels Havik, topic by Anna Kruseman
    Fellows present: Joost Haarsma, Victor Saenger, Stella Boeschoten, Niels Havik, Anna Kruseman, Janneke Smeele, Reijer Aarnoudse, Kim Smeenk, Jesús Rodríguez

  • December Circle III - Differentiation in Education

    Host: Sabine Waasdorp, topic by Bernd de Waal
    Fellows present: Sabine Waasdorp, Kees Mulder, Jules Lamers, Paco Arjonilla, Paul Zerr, Vinnie Ko, Bernd de Waal
    Dinner: Chicken risotto

  • December Circle IV - How do the media convey scientific findings?

    Host: Niek Strohmaier, topic by Robert Grimm
    Fellows present: Bart de Leeuw, Iris Otto, Pascal Pas, Robert Grimm

  • Devember Circle VII - Interdisciplinarity: how do we work together

    Host: Niek Strohmaier, Topic by Guillermo del Castillo
    Fellows present: Brenna Fearey, Guillermo, Franziska Heinicke, Horia Constantin, Lara Nellissen, Daan Ornée, Simona Haasova