Events Past

This is what we've been up to


Below you can find out more about the Circle Meetings held in February.

  • Circle I - Ethical Issues in Science

    Host: Dirkje, topic by Kirsten
    Fellows present: Dirkje, Jo-Anne, Maurits, Jules, David, Niek.
    Dinner: Pasta, and chocolate ice-cream as dessert.
    Drinks: Red wine.

  • Circle II - Human Enhancement Ethics

    Host: Natalia, topic by Matthijs.
    Fellows present: Kees, Kinanya, Joyce, Daan, Diana, Robert Grimm.

  • Circle III - The Interrelationship Between Gender Issues and Transgender Issues

    Host: Anne-Wil, topic by Danielle.
    Fellows present: Renzo, Joost, Simona, Robbert Striekwold, Bart, Jolien.