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Looking back: Circle Meetings February
February’s circle meetings were once again comprised of an impeccable range of topics. Groups of fellows flocked to the circle meetings to discuss mediocrity vs. achievement, the political ramifications of Sochi, the responsibilities of the university system, and, as always, a plethora of emergent minitopics borne out of sudden interest. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all the hosts and topic providers for making this happen!

Did you take some fantastic pictures of your circle meeting? Send them to us at and we’ll put them up for everyone to enjoy posthaste.


  • February Circle I - The Olympics a Blessing or a Curse?

    Host: Danielle, topic by Sabine
    Fellows present: Arnold Kochari, Matti van Engelen, Tina Venema, George Skantzaris
    Dinner: Mexican-rice-stuffed peppers, black bean nachos, horchata and sopapillas

  • February Circle II - Becoming content with the average.

    Host: Chris van Run
    Fellows present: Kees Mulder, Iris Otto, Kim Smeenk, Robert Grimm, Jonas Haslbeck, Robbert Striekwold, Frits Verhagen, Stella Boeschoten

  • Circle III - Language and Thought

    Host: Franziska Heinicke, topic by Rachel Gargiulo
    Fellows present: Jenny Veldman, Huibert het Lam, Dirkje Pril, Annewil Coumou

  • Circle IV - Williams' Stoner and the True Nature of the University

    Host: Anna Kruseman, topic by Emile Fokkema
    Fellows present: Jolien Cremers, Xuewen Liu, Samantha Antusch, Armel Lefebvre
    Dinner: Rice, vegetables, ice cream
    Drinks: Tea, coffee

  • Circle VI - Living a Sustainable and Sufficient Life

    Host: Janneke Koers, topic by Bernd de Waal
    Fellows present: Eveline de Smalen, Guillermo del Castillo, Pascal Pas, Valérie Broers, Paul Zerr, Horia Constantin
    Dinner: vegetarian couscous, tzatiki with bread