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On an auspicious night on the 3rd of October, approximately one-hundred enthusiastic research master students and PhDs gathered in the marvelous grand hall of the Academiegebouw. The crowd was an eclectic mix of thoroughly diverse backgrounds and disciplines, made up of old fellows, new fellows and not-yet fellows alike. Louis was truly pleased to find so many new faces that were interested in our concept!

Soon, twelve groups formed, and throughout the hall a host of thought-provoking topics were discussed: the role of science in society, the responsibilities of the academic world, and whether science can determine moral values, just to name a few. It was clear that the new year had brought with it a thoughtful and interested group of people with provocatively different approaches to these topics.

Afterwards, we naturally moved to the café across the street, Lebowski, to have in some well-deserved refreshments. The roughly fifty persons who joined in on the bar scene – itself a rather surrealist-styled space – could be found scattered throughout the café. On the tongues of all were both introductory conversations as well as continuations of the night’s heady topics, and none seemed to find it difficult to openly speaking their mind on what they find important.

All in all, it was truly an amazing night, and we eagerly await the year’s coming events so that we can continue to meet you all.

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