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Last week a delegation of the Louis Bonaparte Society enjoyed a 4-day trip to one of the most beautiful cities Europe has to offer. It was an absolutely amazing trip, with many wonderful moments that will never be forgotten. Louis’ royal Facebook gallery already features some pictures so that those who witnessed all the greatness can already start reminiscing, and those who were unfortunately not able to join can be confirmed in their conviction that they missed out and need to make sure to be part of the Lobos retreat next year!

Apart from the occasional sunbathing, we enjoyed several cultural expeditions. We kicked off with a 6-hour city tour by a guide who was well versed in the historical context of Budapest and Hungary in general from the Roman times onwards. Other highlights of the weekend were a memorable wine-tasting tour Hungary style (meaning way too many and too full glasses) in a 40km wine cave system lying underneath the city, a visit to the over the top parliament full of plated gold (yes, Louis felt as if he was home), a debate with the debate society of the Central European University on the tension between freedom of speech and the criminalization of hate speech, and of course many visits to the great ruin pubs and other cool nightclubs Budapest has to offer.

Not only did we have a great program full of diverse activities, we were also extremely lucky with the weather conditions! Four days of bright sunshine and hardly any limitations due to the flooding of the Danube. To the contrary, the flooding made the post-partying night stroll through the city pretty exciting and unique. In short, it was a trip for the history books.

A big many thanks to all the fellows that made the trip to what it was! A reunion will soon follow. In case you missed out, make sure to join next year’s trip!

The Budapest Delegation .