Events Past

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Last week, for the first time after the grand opening, lots of fellows gathered around cozy tables, with delicious foods and inspiring topics. On both Monday and Tuesday, five circles took place, for a whopping record of ten in total!

Circle meetings took place all over Utrecht and even in Den Bosch and Veenendaal. With topics ranging from The Science Delusion, to the hot topic of Zwarte Piet, to the effect of interculturalization, and planned obsolescence, a wide variety of backgrounds and ideas were again present during the circle meetings. We hope you all had a great time, and that you will join us next time! (More on that at the end of this newsletter.)


  • Circle I: Determinism, or how I learned to stop worrying and love Dave Bohm.

    Host: Kirsten Schutter
    Fellows present: Jesus, Danielle, Martine
    Dinner: Stamppot

  • Circle II: The Science Delusion?

    Host: Anna Kruseman
    Fellows present: Daan, Rachel, Kees, Allert, Reijer, Janneke, Victor
    Dinner: Vegan Lasagna and tira misu

  • Circle VI: Can an absolute moral truth be found using scientific means?

    Host: Mathijs Janssen
    Fellows present: Valérie Broers, Mona Timmermeister, Suzan Kommers, Arno de Wilde, Kevin Potter, Istvan Kleijn, Mathijs’ housemate Eric, Teresa Haider
    Dinner: Pasta
    Drinks: Wine and juice

  • Circle IX: ‘A person should have the right to die by Mayonnaise’

    Fellows present: Min Yang, Robbert Striekwold, Tina Venema, Tim van de Meerendonk, Danse de Bondt, Stella Boeschoten & Diana Boertien