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Science is brewing. Discontent about a myriad of scientific facets stands at the base of scientific evolution. Has the focus on getting a paper published and the associated enormous amounts of (useless) publications been bothering you? What about the worthless quest for statistically significant results or the simple neglect of publication bias?

It has most certaintly bothered Louis and he has enlisted the initiators of Science in Transition. They have already kindled debates among researchers and policy makers in The Netherlands about what science is evoling into. A voice yet unheard is that of future researchers. In the spirit of the Society we are giving you the possibility to join the debate about the future of science.

Join us on the 5th of February at ‘Institutio Cervantes’ and share your views as a future scientist! An introduction by the respected Professor Frank Huisman will start at 19:30, seats are limited so be sure to register! Feel free to invite other master or PhD students, spread the word!

Descartes Centre .