Events Past

This is what we've been up to


Last week, we had three circle meetings once again.

One circle participated in a lively discussion about Syria over homemade pizza and salad. While no obvious solution to the conflict was found (if it had been, the intention was to promptly inform the UN), the discussion continued not only to the rooftop terrace atop David’s place, but further into the night in a city center bar, where the fellows ended the night hopefully more enlightened over current world events.

Another circle had a good discussion on bedtime procrastination. Hopefully it helped Valerie get some new inspiration for her research, if not it at least inspired the fellows attending this circle to get a good night’s sleep afterwards!

  • Circle I - The Crisis in Syria

    Host: Dirkje Pril
    Fellows present: Daan Ornée, Dirkje Pril, Brenna Fearey, Jo-Anne Nijland, Teresa Haider, Jenny Veldman
    Dinner: Salad Niçoise
    Drinks: Juicy juice & wine

  • Circle II - Stay up later than intended? Indentifying “Bedtime Procastinators”

    Host: Horia Constantin, topic provided by Jenny

  • Circle III - The Crisis in Syria

    Host: David Schmidt
    Dinner: Homemade gourmet pizzas and salad
    Drinks: Wine, wine and more wine.